Inspiring and building collaborations between business, education, government and the community to ensure our public education system is relevant and value rich for our students.

We believe public education is everyone’s business.

The Learning Partnership was founded to bridge the gap between education and business.  Twenty years later, that is still at the very foundation of our existence.  What we do better than any other organization is bring together leaders in business, government and education to engage in meaningful and productive dialogues about the continued advancement of Canada’s Public Education System. 

"Greater collaboration needs to take place between industry and educational systems, and that more information needs to be shared amongst education leaders and government to identify solutions to the problem" in response to the recent OECD report citing that Canada ranks 8th and 10th in science and math.
~ John Manley, CEO of CCCE

How do we inspire and build collaborations? We do this by focusing on three key areas:
  1. Annual Education Summits: brings together leaders, influencers and practitioners in education, business and community to discuss how we can transform the public education system to embrace new global realities and how best to build a strong and effective education systems that ensures our students are well prepared to embrace the challenges of a complex world.
  2. Student Voice – It’s My FutureEngaging youth to think and talk about their future through online surveys and a new series of 10 regional forums across Canada dedicated to hearing the student voice.
  3. Business-Education Task Force: business and education Task Force was created to identify and address the widening gap between ‘jobs without people’ and ‘people without jobs’.  Businesses and educators understand that they are key stakeholders in ensuring that our students are well prepared to embrace the challenges of a complex global economy

For more information, contact:

Serge Béliveau
Director of National Programs-Francophone & Indigenous Communities, Research and Information Technology