Educator Programs and Executive Leadership

Transformative leadership is critical for organizational success in our increasingly competitive and fast-changing global economy. Leaders today have to be change makers and change managers. For leaders in education, this means expanding their worldview to integrate the best of two worlds - education and business.

The Learning Partnership recognizes that the strength of our country is based upon the quality and strength of its educational system integrated with a strong and vibrant business community. We see the enormous potential and impact of an executive leadership program that bridges the gap between education and business.

Executive Leadership Programs

In partnership with two internationally renowned business schools, The Learning Partnership is proud to offer three Executive Leadership training programs for senior leadership in school boards & districts, and for principals through the Canada's Outstanding Principals program:

Through participation in these programs, candidates are introduced to leadership practices and theories, which complement the requirements of the Ontario Leadership Framework. Senior business leaders regularly present at the program, which enables participants to extend their understanding of successful leadership practices in the educational context.


Why The Learning Partnership's Executive Leadership Institutes are Unique and Important?

These programs are unique because unlike other professional development opportunities that are delivered from a pedagogical perspective, our courses are delivered from a business school perspective - integrating education and business management training. There is no other program like this offered in Canada.

These programs are important because great principals and great directors, like entrepreneurial leaders everywhere, are the critical success factors in a world that is increasingly competitive and complex. Directors of Education and Principals are "CEOs" who lead large organizations that face the same challenges and opportunities as any other business. This requires an innovative spirit, instructional leadership and management expertise to achieve strategic impact that increase student rate of success and deliver a stronger education system.

“A View From the Outside” – guest speakers
One of the components of TLP’s Executive Leadership Courses is to bring in C-Suite executives from outside of Education to provide participants with the unique opportunity to learn from leadership in other sectors. View our guest speakers and consult their bios:

  • Rick Waugh, O.C., Former President & CEO, Scotiabank
  • Gerald T. McCaughey, Former President and CEO, CIBC
  • Carol Wilding, Former President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade
  • Glenn Laverty, President & CEO, Ricoh Canada Inc.
  • Terry Stuart, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte LLP, Toronto
  • Debbie Singh, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Plan Canada
  • Kenneth J. Fredeen, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board, Deloitte LLP, Toronto
  • Len Jillard, Senior Vice President, People Resources and Chief People Officer, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited
  • Sue Graham Parker, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, Scotiabank
  • Donald Stewart, Former President and Chief Executive, Sun Life Financial

Who Benefits From the Executive Leadership Program?

Educators from Principals to Directors of Education benefit
Ongoing professional development of educational leaders, from Principals to Directors of Education, contributes to a stronger public education system.

Ultimately students, communities and Canada benefit
When the leadership skills of Principals, Directors and Superintendents of Education are enhanced, networks are built across school boards and provinces, and when progressive ideas are implemented at the grass roots, our students benefit. This raises the quality of education for students benefiting the community and ultimately Canada.

How Do the Executive Leadership Programs Work?

Eligible candidates from School Boards across Canada register for one of the two Executive Leadership programs offered in collaboration with either the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto or the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. Candidates come to a series of multi-day modules at the School of Business where they participate in learning opportunities. Learning is interactive and the participants build a network as they progress. Professional readings are an integral part of the program and participants are required to complete an individual project that will enhance their leadership capabilities. These programs are staged over a 6 to 12 months period.

Educator Forums

Educator forums bring people together from diverse sectors in business, government, community and education for knowledge exchange and best practices that enhance the quality and delivery of public education in Canada. 

For more information, contact:

Rod Thompson
Director of Executive Leadership Programs
416 440 5108