Character development through a values-driven process.

Turning Points is a powerful program that touches hearts and souls as students write about a significant event that impacted their lives.

The Turning Points program is a character awareness and literacy program that provides opportunities for students in Grades 6 - 12 to read, write and think about their fundamental values. A process of self-reflection and discussions with teachers and peers leads to writing a narrative essay about a significant event - a turning point - in which students organize and express their thoughts about the principles that guide their lives.

Students are encouraged to submit their essays for formal evaluation, recognition and publication - the submission link will be live according to the timelines for your area. 
Program Objectives
  • To transform students’ lives by instilling a lifelong love of learning
  • To provide a vehicle for students to focus on their values and life goals and express them on paper
  • To provide schools with a flexible, easy to implement character awareness program
  • To offer teachers an engaging, classroom process that reinforces writing skills while generating student motivation to express themselves in written form by linking the essay writing to the student’s personal experience
  • To mobilize community recognition for young people
  • To encourage families to engage in an ongoing dialogue about what really matters in life
This program is currently offered in both English and French in Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Turning Points Winner readingWho Benefits from the Turning Points Program? 

Students benefit as they reflect on a turning point in their life that had a profound impact on them. With the support of their peers and teachers, they explore their values and find the confidence to write their story in a purposeful and articulate way that truly touches the heart of readers. Students who choose to enter the essay contest may receive a cash prize, an engraved plaque, and become a published author when their essay is included in the annual Anthology of Winning Essays.
Teachers benefit because Turning Points helps them get to know their students better. The program provides teacher-friendly lesson plans and activities.
Turning Points winner with motherFaculty of Education students benefit when, in their role as judges, they get a deeper understanding of the challenges many students bring with them into the classroom. They have an opportunity to assess authentic student writing through the use of rubrics and the moderated marking process. They also become aware of an effective program they can use with their own students when they begin teaching.

Families benefit from the revelations and insights that this personal telling story process brings. It gives them an opportunity to discuss important issues and events. 

Community partners benefit from learning what our young people are dealing with and thinking about, and can help celebrate student success.

For more information on Turning Points contact:
Marni Angus
National Program Manager
Phone: 416 915 7615
Regional Program Managers:
Kathleen Kawalauskas
Phone: 403 280 1681
Newfoundland & Labrador
Glenda Cluett
Phone: 709 368 3555

Northern Ontario
Olive Ridler
Phone: 705 474 5651
Eric Estabrooks
Phone: 506 757 8015
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